Embarking on a road trip can be extremely exciting. An essential part of any successful journey is careful planning, particularly when it comes to selecting safe and secure rest stops. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time road tripper, this guide is designed to help you create the best plan for your route. Through careful preparation and awareness, your travels will not only be memorable, but also secure.

1. Be Alert for Safe Roadside Rest Areas

Selecting a safe highway rest area begins with keen observations during your planning and travels. Well-lit, well-maintained facilities are secure stopping points where you can rest, stress-free. Before stopping, make sure the rest stop is bustling with fellow travelers. Constant traffic can discourage potential threats. Looking out for the presence of security measures, such as surveillance cameras and patrols, can ensure your safety. But, if uneasy at all upon arrival at a rest stop, don’t hesitate to continue to a safer location. 

If you’re looking for somewhere safe along the I-95/I-85 corridor in Virginia, put Davis Travel Centers into your GPS when you’re trying to find rest areas on your route. Davis Travel Centers are a major Motorcoach Rest Stop  and offer many amenities for any traveler going along Interstate 95. We offer safe overnight parking for trucks and well-lit parking lots for our customers.

2. Plan Your Route Intentionally

A successful road trip involves a strategic Road Trip Planner with Stops.  As shared above, identifying safe and convenient rest stop locations before setting off is important, especially if your drive may creep into nighttime hours. As you search your route, look for establishments with amenities like food, fuel, and clean facilities, so you can stop all in one. If you want a more exciting break, you can plot attractions or landmarks for enjoyable pauses. Mapping out your stops in advance is more than just practical—it can enhance your entire road trip. 

Davis has four Travel Centers that are conveniently located in the I-95/I-85 corridor in Virginia. Adding Davis Travel Centers to your Road Trip Planner with Stops can help you knock off gas, food, and an essential coffee break, in one stop. Check out our Amenities for professional drivers or commuters. Each location offers different restaurants, and a consistent, safe experience.

3. Protect Your Property

When traveling, the protection of your property is paramount. By creating a road trip planner with stops, you can select rest stops that offer security and peace of mind. Pick locations equipped with amenities that create a secure atmosphere. Use your GPS to steer clear of risky areas. Always lock your vehicle when unattended, and make sure to keep your valuables hidden from view if you have to leave. When picking a stop, you should choose stores with consistent safety protocols. A little foresight goes a long way in preventing unwanted incidents.

What do you do if your items are lost?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having lost items during your road trip adventure, don’t panic—there are steps you can take. Contact any stops you’ve made along the way—restaurants, gas stations, attractions, or hotels—to inquire about lost and found policies. You can also use social media platforms and community groups; posting in local groups of the areas you visited may help. If your lost item is extremely valuable, consider reporting the item missing to the local law enforcement. You can also consider using tracking devices for valuable items, ensuring they are always within ‘find my’ range.

5. Have All Documentation

Ensuring that all necessary paperwork is in order is as important as selecting the right rest stops. Make sure to always have your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and any required insurance information. Before leaving, research if there are any road permits or passes necessary for particular sites, such as the EZPass for toll roads. Never underestimate the value of having emergency contacts and medical information within easy reach or digital backups of important documents. 

6. Don’t Go At It Alone

Having company is not only enjoyable but also enhances security on the road because there is always safety in numbers. Before you go, find a travel buddy or join a group. But if your trip does require solitude, take steps to ensure your safety. Make sure to share your travel plan with someone. If your companion is your pup, you’ll need to plan extra stops for them. Davis Travel Centers offers dog parks at each of our four locations. Before you go, remember that companionship can turn a solitary trip into a memorable adventure with added safety.

7. Seek Out Safe Lodgings

After hours on the road, reliable lodging is crucial for recharging in a safe environment. For peace of mind during an overnight stay, research, and book accommodations that prioritize guest security. You should also choose lodging close to your route to minimize detours. Before choosing your stay, scrutinize reviews and ratings to ensure you are staying in a safe rest area. It’s best to look for lodging with secure parking and safety measures. It’s always about the planning! Thinking in advance and doing early booking may save money and secure your spot at reputable establishments. Sleeping at a rest stop is not recommended as it is not always safe, so planning ahead can ensure your safety and comfort on your journey.

A view of Davis Travel Center with blue sky and clouds above

Make Sure Your Road Trip is Safe and Easy

Planning your stops ahead is key to a road trip that’s both enjoyable and secure. Choosing the right places to pause not only offers a break from the road, but also a peace of mind for you and your fellow travelers. If traveling in the I-95/I-85 corridor in Virginia, consider adding Davis Travel Centers to your plan for a safe and comprehensive stop. Careful planning will not only allow you to be revitalized during your travel breaks, but ensure the safety of everyone involved. So hit the road with confidence, knowing each stop you make is a secure one. Safe travels!