RV Services & Supplies Near Stony Creek & Warfield

Stony Creek Travel Center:

Exit 33, I-95

13306 St. John’s Church Road

Stony Creek, VA 23882

Manager: Shannon Wyche

Email: swyche@petromg.com

Phone: (434) 246-2881

Fax: (434) 246-2519

Warfield Travel Center:

EXIT 39, I-85

12461 Old Stage Road, Warfield, VA 23889

Manager: Kevin Thompson

Email: kthompson@petromg.com

Phone: (804) 478-4403

Fax: (804) 478-4982

Traveling across the country in an RV is such an incredible experience. At Davis Travel Center, we understand that RV drivers face unique challenges and needs. It is for this reason that we provide a wide range of amenities.

rv dump station
RV Services and Supplies

RV Showers and Restrooms

A truck-stop shower can keep you sane (and clean) after a long travel day. The existence of this shower option has yet to be discovered by many non-trucking travelers. Not only are they more spacious than an RV with showers but they can come equipped with the supplies you need – like soap and towels. Unlike an RV outdoor shower, you will have a private indoor space to get clean and take a breather from the road.

In addition to fuel pumps, truck stops have restrooms as well. Using the bathroom is quick and easy for your whole family. You can fill up on fuel while sending family members in if you want to keep your stay brief.

RV Fueling Aisle and RV Gas Stations

Diesel fuel isn’t available at every gas station, and some don’t even offer it. Many RV drivers are intimidated by regular gas stations because it can be difficult to make their vehicle fit in the fueling aisles. At Davis Travel Center in Stony Creek, RV drivers will find RV-friendly gas stations and an accommodating fueling aisle for RVs. In the dedicated RV lanes, you will find long-handled windshield squeegees, fuel stations for propane, sewer dump stations, and fresh water filling stations. Traveling on the road has never been easier for RV drivers thanks to Davis. Having all these options is very welcomed after a long day on the road.

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Davis Travel Center
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Joel SiegelJoel Siegel
19:39 22 Jan 23
Gas was fairly priced, though I had to go inside for my receipt as the pump wouldn't produce one. Additionally, the men's bathroom was in dire need of attention. Will be choosing somewhere else to stop on my next road trip.
Jk YatraJk Yatra
08:05 20 Dec 22
In this Gas station You will find everything- a subway , Dunking Doughnuts 🍩, Little Cesar pizza , Etc… all in one place , and China bus stop ( Wanda coach )
Dw SnapshotDw Snapshot
10:54 19 Nov 22
Clean and lots of snacks they have Subway and & Dunkin’ connected. They also have Little Ceaser Pizza & other hot foods
Nam RyuNam Ryu
03:15 28 Feb 22
Covenience and Competitive pricing.But to me it is too spacious too open, i felt so much deserty so i rushed myself back to my vehicle.one more This huge store has NO FRESH HAMBERGER !!!
Jeffrey UsherJeffrey Usher
09:33 23 Mar 19
This is a pretty good gas station. They have showers and restrooms. They have Subway and Dunkin Donuts. They also sale your standard frozen food that you can have microwaved. They sale beer but not between the hours of 1145pm to 6am. Overall, the stuff is nice and friendly. They have a small dog park but it is a safe place for your pets to stretch out their legs.
What Is an RV Dump Station?

When you are looking for the nearest RV dump station near your location, you will find the best place to stop is at Davis.

Whether you’re a first-time RVer or an experienced camper, we can help you. The use of an RV dump station can be stressful. The good news is that dumping your tanks isn’t as difficult as you may think. Our goal at Davis Travel Centers is to provide you with the information you need to use our RV dump station the next time you need one.

RV dump stations on I-95 within our facility allow wastewater from recreational vehicles to be safely emptied into sewers or septic systems. Those RVs with gray and/or black water holding tanks can be emptied at our RV dump stations on I-85 within our facility as well, by connecting a sewer hose to the station’s input.

Where Can I Dump My RV Tank?

Dumping your RV tanks just got easier. An RV dump station at Davis Travel Center allows RVers to quickly and efficiently empty their wastewater tanks. The RV sewer drain is connected to the dump station sewer receptacle by a hose and various attachments. In addition to providing non-potable water, our station also assists with rinsing tanks, cleaning hoses, and cleaning up spills.

When you are searching for truck stops with RV dump stations in Stony Creek, or truck stops with RV dump stations near Warfield, you can count on Davis to give you a safe place to park your RV with the amenities you need.

An RV dump station requires certain supplies. We will break them down below.
RV sewer supplies are essential for a smooth RV dump station experience when emptying your RV sewer tank. RV sewer hoses are one of the most critical items you’ll need when using an RV dump station. Various lengths and materials are available for these hoses. Sewer hoses are flexible depending on the materials used.

It is equally important to have the correct sewer hose attachments. Sewer hose attachments connect to the ends of the hose. Your RV drain hose can be securely connected to the dump station sewer connection with a 4-in-1 adapter. An additional standard attachment is a clear elbow that allows the user to confirm their tanks have been emptied or are clean after rinsing.

It’s also a good idea to bring disposable gloves. Store a box of these gloves in a location where you can easily access them when dumping your tanks. Using these gloves prevents spills from coming into contact with your skin.

How to dump your RV tanks

The frequency with which you dump your RV wastewater tank depends on how you use it. Weekend RVers should dump their RVs after every trip. Full-time RV travelers will need to dump their tanks regularly.

You will most certainly experience decreased fuel mileage when towing a full RV since it adds a considerable amount of weight to your vehicle. When searching for the nearest RV dump station, it is a good idea to empty your tank before departing.

When using an RV dump station with parking, take your time. Rushing can lead to accidents. A detailed guide to dumping your RV tanks can be found here. The perfect RV park in Richmond, VA is Davis Travel Center, where you will feel welcome and enjoy all the amenities to make your time on and off the road a delightful experience.

Restaurants at Davis Travel Center

Spotless Rest Stop Facilities

Services & Amenities

  • Clean, Spacious Restrooms
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 17 Fueling Positions
  • ATM
  • Copier / Fax services
  • Western Union
  • Money Orders
  • Propane Exchange
  • 6 Spacious Showers
  • Bulk DEF at Pump
  • 7 High-Flow Satellite Fueling Positions (ULSD)
  • SmartFuel (Pay at Pump)
  • SmartQ Cardless Payment
  • Driver’s Lounge
  • TransFlo  Scanning
  • Certified CAT Scales
  • Water/Air on Diesel Islands
  • Ambucks Reward Program
RV Services
  • Gas Stations
  • Showers and Restrooms
  • Parking
  • Dump Station
  • Fuel Pumps
Bus Services
  • Bus Driver Ambucks Reward Program
  • 7 High-Flow Satellite Fueling Positions (ULSD)
  • 6 Spacious Showers
  • Driver’s Lounge
  • TransFlo Scanning
  • SmartQ Cardless Payment
  • Smartfuel (Pay at Pump)
  • Water/Air on Diesel Islands
  • Bulk DEF at Pump

Davis Travel Locations

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