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Prince George Express:

5803 Prince George Dr, Prince George, VA 23875

Manager: Kathy Jones


Phone: (804) 458-8237

Menu variety plays a big role in where you pick to eat while looking for quality fast food options on the road. Having a large variety of sandwiches, salads, and bowls is excellent because everyone craves something different. When hunger strikes, a delicious sub sandwich is impossible to beat. Finding a Subway near Prince George will direct you to Davis Travel Center, where you may purchase a mouthwatering sandwich, salad, or wrap. You won’t need to stop again for several hours because Davis is a one-stop shop for food, gas, clean restrooms, and many other services.

There are many different menu options available at Subway to satisfy everyone in your vehicle. Subway offers a variety of hot and cold sub sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. Your long drive will be that much more enjoyable if you find our gas station and convenience store with a Subway near Prince George. Whatever kind of vehicle you are driving, Davis provides all the facilities and services you require to ensure a smooth trip. The majority of tourists do not anticipate a Subway restaurant at a truck stop. It saves so much time to be able to get a delicious lunch without having to stop again for gas.

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Joel SiegelJoel Siegel
19:39 22 Jan 23
Gas was fairly priced, though I had to go inside for my receipt as the pump wouldn't produce one. Additionally, the men's bathroom was in dire need of attention. Will be choosing somewhere else to stop on my next road trip.
Jk YatraJk Yatra
08:05 20 Dec 22
In this Gas station You will find everything- a subway , Dunking Doughnuts 🍩, Little Cesar pizza , Etc… all in one place , and China bus stop ( Wanda coach )
Dw SnapshotDw Snapshot
10:54 19 Nov 22
Clean and lots of snacks they have Subway and & Dunkin’ connected. They also have Little Ceaser Pizza & other hot foods
Nam RyuNam Ryu
03:15 28 Feb 22
Covenience and Competitive pricing.But to me it is too spacious too open, i felt so much deserty so i rushed myself back to my more This huge store has NO FRESH HAMBERGER !!!
Jeffrey UsherJeffrey Usher
09:33 23 Mar 19
This is a pretty good gas station. They have showers and restrooms. They have Subway and Dunkin Donuts. They also sale your standard frozen food that you can have microwaved. They sale beer but not between the hours of 1145pm to 6am. Overall, the stuff is nice and friendly. They have a small dog park but it is a safe place for your pets to stretch out their legs.

The convenience of eating Subway food while on the road is one of its nicer features. Although you might not have time to sit down and eat, Subway sandwiches and wraps make it easy to eat while riding or driving. The Subway Davis at our convenience store near Prince George also has another fantastic feature, don’t you know? It also offers delicious breakfast menu options.

Craving a sandwich but trying to give up the bread? We get it – some of us are still trying to get rid of last year’s extra pounds. Even though it is a Subway near a gas station, it will offer the same protein bowls and salads that all Subway eateries do. You don’t have to worry about not being able to find your preferred Subway favorite because the menu is the same. Even when you are minutes from the exit, you can place an order online and everything will be ready when you pull in.

You’re in luck if you like a great breakfast sandwich any time of day. You can enjoy Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Ham, Egg & Cheese, or Steak, Egg & Cheese flatbread sandwiches and wraps at Subway. Additionally, Subway offers applesauce as a side option on its kid’s menu. Families seeking convenience, great taste, and healthier options will find Subway a great choice.

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